A DRIVER was caught driving at speeds of more than 60 miles an hour through a built up area of Bolton.

Video footage from inside a police car shows the man speeding along St Helens Road in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The VW Golf R was seen by traffic officers driving in the direction of Bolton town centre.

The police car shows speeds as high as 68mph along the 30mph an hour stretch of road during the short pursuit.

After spotting the speeding vehicle police put on their lights and sirens and the car quickly pulled over for officers after it was spotted at around 4.40am on Wednesday.

When he was questioned by police the man said he was on his way to work.

The driver was issued with a traffic offence report and also given a section 59 warning, which means he could be called to court for a driving offence in relation to the speeding.

Posting on Twitter, GMP Traffic officers said: "He must really love his job when he was caught a at speeds twice the speed limit."

Traffic officers also posted about an incident that took place on Wednesday night.

Officers saw a car on Deane Road and followed the car through most of the side streets before the driver realised he was not going to lose police.

He eventually stopped on Gilnow Road and was found to have no valid insurance.

The vehicle was seized and the driver was issued with a traffic offence report and faces six points on his licence and a £300 fine.

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