SCOUTING leaders celebrated diversity as the new group in Daubhill officially opened.

The 35th Bolton Star Scout Group started its life at the Ghosia Community Building on Sunday.

Around 40 new young members have joined along with 12 adult leaders, spread across Beavers, Cubs, Explorers and Scouts.

Rob Pimblett, district commissioner of Bolton South with Farnworth, praised the Muslim community for getting involved with the new group.

He said: “Scouting is continuing to grow for younger members across the whole of the UK at a rate of 12 per cent.

"The opening at the 35th Bolton is great in keeping up with the numbers and the growing trend.

"We are thrilled that Muslim community have come forward and want to be a part of UK Scouting.

"Within the world we live in, over a quarter of the whole global scouting members are of Muslim faith.

"To continue this diversity in our town of Bolton is such a great opportunity for everyone to mix in activities we all believe in.

"It just seems to me that children are sitting in front of technology all the time. It is really important for young people but we need to get them outside and allow them to grow and develop other skills.

"Lack of confidence is a growing problem, so the skills and additional friendships they gain in scouting significantly helps them out later in life."

This is the second Scout group to open in the area in recent months after the Bolton 18th launched in October.

The openings have come just months after Mr Pimblett said there was a shortage of Scout leaders across the town.

The Bolton South and Farnworth Scout Association was forced to close the 14th Farnworth Scouts as there were not enough leaders to run the activities.

The group is still looking for volunteers for its clubs across the district.

Anyone interested in joining should go to