A BOLTON MP has called for more police in his constituency and said he will continue to pressure the government to focus on crime.

Residents in Westhoughton met last week following a recent spike in burglaries and many questioned why police funding had been hit and what could be done about it.

MP for Bolton West, Chris Green, was unable to attend the meeting because it took place on a Wednesday, the same day as Prime Minister’s Questions.

Mr Green has said he would be happy to attend any meeting providing it is not on a day where he has to be at Westminster.

The Conservative MP has responded to some of the concerns over crime and what he thinks can be done.

He said: “What we have to do now is make sure we can drive and improve the performance of the police.

“I know the current police and crime commissioner, Andy Burnham, said when he was shadow home secretary that the police could sustain 10 per cent cuts.

“What we need is to ensure that the police within Greater Manchester are as efficient and effective as possible and make sure the distribution of policing across Greater Manchester is fair. I think in Bolton West and Westhoughton we need a greater share of that policing.”

Concerns over crime in Bolton have grown over the past six months and residents have held meetings in areas including Astley Bridge, Ladybridge, Beaumont Chase and nearby Edgworth to discuss what can be done.

People live on the Beaumont Chase estate have taken to patrolling the streets at night to offer reassurance to people living nearby and deter criminals.

Mr Green said: “Certainly the work I’m doing right across the constituency is really focusing on crime and general disorder as well.

“It is certainly my priority. I have had a meeting with the home secretary to raise these concerns and I am going to continue putting pressure on the government to really focus on this and work with the Mayor of Greater Manchester to make sure he has the same priorities I do.”

Mr Green said he thinks police funding will continue to be protected, which it has been since 2015 and will be during the next financial year.

He added that there are more and more pressures on police and he is committed to fighting for more funding for Greater Manchester.

Mr Green said: “I think we need to focus on how we deploy police and what targets they have, what focus they have. I do think Westhoughton, Bolton West needs more policing."