WORLD Champion Inline Skater Jenna Downing rolled into school to wow youngsters with her daredevil skills.

Jenna skated into Claypool Primary School to challenge and inspire youngsters to be high-fliers and make their dreams a reality — and not let fear hold them back.

The star skater was invited to the Horwich school as part of Wellbeing Week to help children focus on their mental health so they can achieve their goals and aspire high.

Headteacher Amanda Hulme said: "Jenna was really inspiring.

"She spoke about being resilient — and how she had to be resilient, overcome prejudice because she was a girl and never to give up. She never gave up and is now World Champion."

Jenna inspired every child in school with a special assembly before staging workshops with Year Five and Year Six pupils — where she performed dare-devil stunts — and encouraged children to have a go too.

Mrs Hulme said: "The children loved, Jenna was just fabulous.

"Quite a few children said they were open to trying new things now because Jenna found out she what she liked and what she was good at it because she tried it.

"To hear that was wonderful because that is why I came into education to help children develop skills for life and to help children be resilient — something we do throughout the year."

Children and staff spent a week focusing on different activities to help them enjoy good mental health health, including Year Six children introducing children to new activities, yoga, random acts of kindness and much more.

Claypool Primary School is working with a dozen other schools to share ideas about promoting good mental health to create a toolkit to be shared with all schools in Bolton.

Mrs Hulme said: "One of our school priorities is promoting children and staff's mental wellbeing throughout the year.

"Schools have so many good ideas on how to promote good mental health and we want to share them with all the schools in Bolton."

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