BOLTON shoppers have voiced concern over supporting Oxfam as the sex scandal gripping the charity deepens.

Shoppers outside the charity’s store in Blackburn Road admitted that the scandal had impacted their views of Oxfam and giving to charity.

One shopper said: “It will make me think about donating to charity. These charities, like Oxfam, are out there to help and that’s what the money should be going toward. But when you hear about things like this it makes you think.”

Another shopper said she did not believe what had happened was right, adding that the scandal had led her to question where charity donations were going and if they were being given to “the right people”.

However, a third shopper, Dianne Parkinson, said: “I always try to support them. The scandal hasn’t changed my opinion at all. I do agree that what has gone on needs to be looked into, but if I can support local charity shops that’s what I try and do.”

Oxfam has come under increasing fire after it was revealed that staff members sent to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, had used prostitutes — some of whom may have been underage.