BRIGHT young things found out why their grey matter matters!

Youngsters at Clarendon Primary School took a trip inside a giant inflatable brain as they learned to look after their minds as well as their physical health.

The school in Great Lever held a children's mental health and wellbeing week full of activities to exercise their minds.

As part of that youngsters wandered inside a brain, finding out the six parts of the brain and what they are used for.

Healthy Mind UK brought in the huge blow-up brain where inside blue lights represented neurons – and music to stimulate the brain was played.

Children had fun exploring the brain and making memories while learning why they need to be first class in looking after their mental wellbeing.

Headteacher Vicky Chatterjee said: "We realise as a school that children’s mental health and wellbeing is extremely important.

"Children today have many pressures and anxieties and need to be equipped with tools to face challenges, be resilient and help themselves in order to maintain good mental health.

"The week has been full of activities to promote ways in which the children can relax, re-energise, get active and learn ways to help themselves and others."

During the week, the school invited Paralympian Craig McCann to inspire children to make the most of opportunities that come their way help them believe that anything is achievable.

Children at Claypool Primary in Horwich also inspired the pupils to learn something new as the two schools worked together.

Mrs Chatterjee said: "In addition, some of the activities have included massage, meditation, hula hooping, looking inside the brain, finger knitting, making worry dolls, zumba and yoga.

"All of the children have been really excited and receptive to the messages that have underpinned the week.

"The staff have received training and in addition to this have been surprising each other with random acts of kindness throughout the week.

"It will be memorable for the children and staff in so many ways and has inspired everyone to continue to invest time in themselves. It’s not just a one off week that coincides with mental health week, it’s about developing a foundation that will prepare our children for the rest of their lives."

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