THIS week we take a look at Great Moor Street through the ages, which includes a rather strange picture we're hoping readers can shed some light on.

The area has undergone many changes over the years, not least with the recent remodelling and one-way system for the transport interchange.

Some might be unaware that Morrisons stands partly on the site of the former Great Moor Street railway station, the roof of which can be glimpsed in one of these pictures.

This terminus stood at the end of a branch line connecting to the Liverpool and Manchester Railway and was demolished in 1966.

Perhaps readers can help us with another picture dredged up by this week’s trawl through the archives: The mystery of the lone, toe-less wellington.

While it seemed important enough at the time to document this roadside curiosity, the image is only accompanied by the caption: ‘wellington in Great Moor Street’.

So your guess is as good as ours!

Elsewhere, a picture of a trolleybus should bring back memories for some older readers. These successors to the trams were once a familiar sight, their long pantographs trailing along the overhead lines from which they were powered.

Other pictures show long-lost shops, a very clean St Patrick's church and the Wheatsheaf Hotel, which once stood on the Great Moor Street junction with Newport Street.

What are your memories of Great Moor Street and can you help with the riddle of the wellington? Email