LAST week’s picture was recognised by a number of our Looking Back readers.

Stephen Ashcroft and Linda Haworth correctly identified the Crown roundabout at Horwich, as did Eric Jolley and Margaret Latham.

Harold Schofield, Graham Lincoln and Margaret Smith were also certain the picture showed the roundabout in Horwich which, of course, it did.

The scene is very familiar to many particularly those who travel between Horwich and Chorley, through Adlington.

So what about this week’s picture do you recognise where this was snapped?

We are sure this will be a simple one for most of our readers as it shows a very familiar area of Bolton, although very different today it is still instantly recognisable.

Get in touch with Gayle McBain on 01204 537269 or email and share your answer. We will do our best to print the names of as many of our readers who get the correct answer.