A KIND-hearted Looking Back reader is hoping to reunite what must surely be a precious item with its owner.

When a Mr Holt found a piece of laminate containing four historic documents just off Church Street, near the railway station, in Westhoughton he asked us here at The Bolton News to help and dropped it in at our offices, but left without leaving his first name.

Now he is hoping we can help reunite this with its owner.

The papers include the front page of a clothing book from 1947 which bears the name L Wood and the address 97 Inkerman Street in Manchester.

It was used in World War Two to help the owner buy clothes.

Other papers include a supplementary clothing coupon sheet on which coupons have been stuck down.

There is also a letter addressed to Mr Leonard Wood of 409 Collyhurst Road, Manchester.

This tells him he must report for medical examination at the “Navy Section” on Thursday September 28 in 1944.

Clearly this piece of laminate is of value – not monetary but possibly sentimental – to the owner. If you are the person who has lost this item or know who has, do get in touch.

During World War Two, clothes rationing was brought in as a direct consequence of the need for uniforms.

Around a quarter of the British population was wearing a uniform. This increased demand put pressure on the textile and clothing industries. Raw materials and labour had to be directed away from civilian clothing in order to meet this unprecedented demand.

It meant clothing for civilians was in short supply and people were forced to “make do and mend”. These clothing rations, as seen here, would be incredibly valuable to the owner as this laminate display no doubt is.

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