RADCLIFFE residents say their housing estate has been left looking ‘like a scene from a disaster movie’ after a cluster of trees were felled without warning.

Work began to fell the trees, on two adjoining areas of woodland to the north of Hutchinson Way, last Monday, but residents say they received no notice that it was taking place or of what the plans for the sites were.

They say the area has been left a mess and they fear the work is being carried out in preparation for a planning application being submitted.

Michael Gilmore, of Hutchinson Way, said: “It looks like a scene from a disaster movie. There has been no consultation with any of the home owners and I didn’t move here to have it blighted.

“It seems as though they are doing this before putting a planning application in so they will not have to do a tree or wildlife survey.”

Another resident, who lives in Mulberry Close, said: “We had no idea what was going on. We have had no communication about what is being done.

"It looked like they were just going to pull out the dead bushes because there was a bit of mess and it could have done with a bit of a tidy up.

“It’s quite a major thing and we were surprised there was no letter through the door to let us know why.”

However, another resident, Dan Wylie, whose house in nearby Hindle Street backs on to one of the sites, said he had no issues with the work and thought it actually improved the appearance of the area.

He added: “The wood was used for fly tipping and was an eyesore. It needed doing.

“Kids from the skate park used to play in there and there were broken bottles. 

“I have had to call pest control because we had rats in our loft. They had dug through our back fence, and through our insulation.”

The two sites are owned by Heywood-based Owl Estates, who were asked about their plans for the area. No one was available for comment.

Bury Council leader and councillor for Radcliffe West Rishi Shori said the work had ‘left the area in a less than satisfactory state’. 

He added: “I believe this work could have been undertaken with more care. 

“I’m currently investigating on behalf of residents whether a planning application has been submitted for this land and the scope of that application.

“I have also had this matter reported to the Forestry Commission to investigate whether or not a license may have been required. They have confirmed they will investigate the issue.”