A 12-year-old boy had to be rescued after becoming trapped in knee-high mud on a landfill site.

Fire crews from Bolton Central and Horwich Fire Stations attended the incident, close to Vernham Walk, in Great Lever, shortly after 4pm today.

The boy had been playing on the site, which is fenced off, with two friends when he became stuck.

Firefighters arrived at the scene about 20 minutes later and managed to dig the boy out using shovels and spades.

Tony McKenna, watch manager at Bolton Central Station, said: “Three youths had been playing in the landfill site which because of the weather had become very muddy.

“One boy was stuck in the mud up to his knees. He started to get cold and a bit panicky.

“His friends had tried to get him out but were struggling.

“We dug him out with spades and he received a precautionary check at the scene from paramedics. He walked off but was just a bit shaken up.

“Luckily, he was with his friends who could raise the alarm.

“If he was on his own he could have been there a lot longer.”