CONCERNS highlighted during an inquiry into the fatal shooting of an unarmed man in Culcheth will be scrutinised as part of a national review into firearms operations.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have confirmed that a working group has been set up to examine how intelligence is collected and managed during pre-planned armed operations in England and Wales.

The review was launched in the wake of an inquiry in the death of Anthony Grainger at Liverpool Crown Court last year.

The 36-year-old convicted criminal was shot dead while inside a stolen car by a firearms officer from GMP in a car park off Jackson Avenue on March 3, 2012.

Mr Grainger had been under surveillance as part of a police probe into a gang of Salford men suspected of committing armed robberies across the north west.

The inquiry heard evidence over three months into the events leading up to the shooting and how the force dealt with the incident in the months after.

Judge Thomas Teague QC is expected to publish his findings on the investigation later this year.

But the inquiry uncovered a number of failings which included the use of ‘out-of-date’ intelligence ahead of the operation.

DCC Anthony Creely, who is in charge of the working group, said: “Every force hasn't gone through a public inquiry and some of them don't understand what the real issues are.

“We are highlighting these issues now and why it is really important at this working group.

“In essence, the realities at the minute, all the 10 forces like GMP are over scrutinising everything.

“So everybody is doing everyone else's role because of that lack of trust.

“The guideline will make sure that people are quite clear in what their role is and who is responsible for ensuring the scrutiny of that intelligence.”

Two officers at GMP are also under investigation for alleged gross misconduct following the inquiry into the shooting.

ACC Steve Heywood and Det Ch Insp Robert Cousen have been or will be interviewed under caution as part of the probe.