CALLS have been made to alter the traffic light timings at a problem junction in Blackrod.

Town councillors have refused to drop their complaints about the junction of the A6 Blackrod Bypass and Manchester Road.

According to members, who met at Blackrod Library on Monday night, there have been a number of crashes and residents are worried a more serious incident could occur.

Drivers travelling towards Blackrod on the A6 from Westhoughton and turning left at the junction on to Manchester Road are carrying on through the green light but don't stop at the white lines to give to traffic turning into the same road.

This means that south-bound traffic on the A6 turning right through a green light are at risk of colliding with those vehicles.

But councillors believe the lights should not be green at the same time.

Cllr Graham Farrington said: "You can not have two green traffic lights for people who will be crossing each other.

"It is just common sense. One should be on red and the other should be green.

"The white line is practically obliterated. It is visible if somebody knows you have got to stop there.

"The line needs repainting. That is not a big job for Bolton Council."

Cllr Michael Hollick agreed with Cllr Farrington's comments.

He said: "The fact is that people will see a green light and they are not going to stop."

The town council decided to seek a meeting with Bolton Council's highways officers and ask for the white line to be repainted.

Bolton Council has been asked for a comment.