A DISABLED man was left in shock after a large fire destroyed his garden shed filled with belongings at his Great Lever home.

The man's electric scooter was completely destroyed by the fire, which is being treated as a suspected arson attack.

A police investigation has been launched.

Video footage shows flames rising higher than the garden wall of the property in Earlswood Walk.

The victim, understood to be in his 40s, was left in shock. He was checked over by a paramedic as a precaution but suffered no injuries.

Resident Kotlárová Renáta said: "My daughter was about to go to bed. She could smell the smoke.

"I could see the fire from our downstairs room.

"We wondered what was going on.

"We saw lots of people from the fire service and there were police outside."

Maria Davis, aged 46, said: "We saw lots of smoke.

"I was blasted by the blue lights as I looked outside. I didn't know what on earth was going on.

"The fire has left the garden in a state."

Two fire engines from Bolton Central and another crew from Farnworth were called to the blaze at 8.10pm on Friday, March 9.

Firefighters used a hose reel to douse the flames to prevent the fire spreading further.

Another resident said: "It was a large fire. It went up very quickly.

"But the fire service got here quickly and it was contained.

"I could not believe it. It was the thought that it could have been any of us."

Watch manager Tony McKenna said: "A rear shed was well alight and the heat had transferred to glazing on the end terrace house.

"There was a resident inside and he was in shock but he was unaffected by the smoke.

"The shed was absolutely gutted. It was 100 per cent fire damaged.

"We are suspecting arson."

The fire service remained in the area over the course of the weekend to reassure residents and to hand out information.

They urged householders to call 0800 555 815 for a free Safe and Well visit which includes fitting a free smoke alarm.