COMPLAINTS have been voiced again over inadequate parking provision at the new Horwich Leisure Centre.

Dozens of drivers are parking illegally on double yellow lines because there is 'insufficient space' at the site, residents have said.

The parking problems have been ongoing since the new £10 million sports hub, off Church Street, opened its doors in December, 2017.

Bolton Council said they were aware of the issues and are trying to create additional temporary car parking. In the mean time, they called for drivers to park considerately.

A spokesman from the Horwich First community Facebook group said: "People are struggling to park on a daily basis, and at weekends it is amplified."

Bolton Council has sought permission to remove a condition on the original planning application.

It required that permanent parking was to be in place before the centre's official opening.

Following the delay in demolishing the old leisure centre, a temporary car park is due to be built in Old Station Park.

The Horwich First spokesman said: "There have been serious concerns over parking right from the outset.

"At the first public meeting people said there would be insufficient space for parking and obviously, based on the problems at the moment, there is not. Bolton Council simply have not listened to the public.

"There is no excuse for parking illegally but we understand that poor parking provision is at the root of this situation.

"Imagine the backlash from leisure centre users if they found parking fines on their window screens."

Concerns have also been raised about cars blocking the emergency services from getting near to the entrance.

It is understood an ambulance was called to the leisure centre and drivers had to be asked to move their vehicles.

Jason Martin, crew manager at Horwich fire station, said: "There has been increased traffic due to the transition period but we have not had any issues with parking or getting the fire engine out near to the leisure centre."

Another resident said that a man was unable to get down a dropped kerb in his wheelchair because there was a car parked in the way.

A council spokesman said: "We are aware of the issue and we are trying to establish additional temporary car parking as soon as possible.

"We would also ask drivers to be considerate of other leisure centre users when they are parking."