TWIN brothers have been sentenced for an attack on a neighbour who objected to bad language being used in the street.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard how victim Darren Buchanan was at his home in Park Street, Radcliffe, on the afternoon of June 3 last year when he saw Kyle Foster in the road.

Neil Beckwith, prosecuting, said there was a young child outside in the street.

"Kyle Foster was shouting and swearing in the street, seemingly at no one and Mr Buchanan didn't think it was appropriate," said Mr Beckwith.

Mr Buchanan went outside to ask Foster to calm down, but the court heard that Foster's brother, Aaron Foster, cam out of a house in nearby Holland Street and punched Mr Buchanan in the face, breaking his eye socket.

"He fell to the ground and alleges he was kicked," said Mr Beckwith, who added that the victim went back into his house, where he had been with Rebecca Savory, and police were called.

Aaron Foster emerged again from his Holland Street home with a kitchen knife.

"He was pacing around in the middle of the street waving the knife," said Mr Beckwith.

Miss Savory's relative, John Savory, arrived and later told police, "Aaron seemed to have completely lost control and was angry."

The knifeman was making threats claiming, "I'll cut you up."

"I was really worried," said Mr Savory. My 12-year-old grandson was screaming with fear."

Kyle Foster coaxed his brother back into their house, where police found them.

Aaron Foster admitted to officers that there had been an argument and he had hit Mr Buchanan, but claimed her thought the victim was going to punch his brother.

Aaron Foster, aged 22, of Holland Street, Radcliffe, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm as well as possessing a knife in public and possession of cannabis.

He told Judge Maurice Greene: "I regret it to this day and it will never happen again."

His brother Kyle, also 22, and of the same address, admitted common assault.

Aaron Foster has already spent several months on an electronically tagged curfew and so Judge Greene decided to sentence him to sentence him to 14 months in prison, suspended for 18 months.

He must also complete 100 hours of unpaid work, participate in 20 days of rehabilitation activities and undertake a thinking skills course.

Kyle Foster was sentenced to do 60 hours of unpaid work and participate in 10 days of rehabilitation activities.