PARENTS are furious after their children were sent home for wearing the wrong sort of black, leather shoes.

Pupils at Kearsley Academy were sent home this week because of incorrect shoes.

The school’s headteacher said parents were informed of a change in uniform before half term and had purchased appropriate shoes for children to wear if their families could not provide the right ones.

However, parents say their children are uncomfortable wearing the shoes, they are given the wrong sizes — causing blisters and one parent was fearful of bullying.

Kelly Hyman, aged 37, of Mossfield Road, Kearsley sent both her sons (Joshua and Samuel Haynes, aged 14 and 12 respectively) to school this week in new shoes only to have them both sent home because they were deemed incorrect.

She said: "The school has gone ridiculous. They want a specific type of shoe like a slip-on type shoe.

"I bought them new shoes four weeks ago. They're not trainers, they are shoes, they are school shoes. I bought them from Clarks.

"And when they send them home they are giving them work which an eight-year-old could do. It's not sufficient for them to be able to catch up."

Mrs Hyman said she believed around 30 children had been sent home from school yesterday.

Amy Hilton, aged 29, is the mum of Jamie Hilton, aged 12 who was sent home yesterday for incorrect footwear had also been out to buy him new shoes. Miss Hilton said: "It's his education that's suffering. They have sent him home with no work to do and they are the ones stopping him from being in school.

"His appearance doesn't affect his education but not being in school does."

Her son was offered some of the school's shoes to wear, but refused, telling his mum they were 'horrible and pointy'.

Miss Hilton said: "Apart from the fact there's better things for the school to be spending money on it's opening kids up to bullying. It shows kids whose parents can't afford shoes or those who like me won't buy another pair."

Jo Nolan, the academy's executive principal, said: “We wrote to parents before half term about the need for students to comply with the uniform expectations, which is very clear on the type of footwear that should be worn. In the small number of cases where parents were not able to support the school with the request or felt financially unable to do so, we have purchased suitable footwear for the students, which was provided free of charge. This offer is still open to our students and parents.

"We would encourage our parents to discuss this matter directly with the academy."

“In outstanding schools, there are no conversations about footwear, make up and jewellery. The focus is always on learning and achieving outstanding results. At Kearsley academy, we want to talk to our students about their progress particularly in English and maths – not about school uniform issues.

“Our commitment to all our students is to improve their life chances and they can only do this if they leave school with good results. By addressing the uniform expectations now, we are removing any distractions which may prevent students from doing their very best.”