A RAFT of new traffic restrictions are to be put in place near a busy railway station due to road safety concerns.

No waiting zones will be introduced to roads around Bromley Cross station including Chapeltown Road, Hillside Avenue, Shady Lane and Grange Road.

And they will also apply in Darwen Road, Guild Street and Holkar Meadows.

Some of the restrictions apply at all times, while others will be in force between 9am and 3pm.

The measures have been signed off by Cllr Nick Peel, Bolton Council's cabinet member for the environment, after road safety fears were raised by schools, residents and ward councillors.

But while the move will be welcomed by many, commuters will find it even more difficult to park close to the Chapeltown Road station, which has just 71 parking spaces.

Cllr Peel said that balancing the needs of residents of commuters was a 'difficult balancing act'.

He said: "I'm quite pragmatic when it comes to stuff like this. I will sign these things off if they are supported by local councillors, and Bromley Cross councillors are very much in favour that this needs to be done.

"There are lots of traffic generators, like the station, causing a problem for local people and it's about creating a happy medium, a happy balance, between the needs of local residents and the needs of commuters."

And he added that train fares which encourage people from Darwen, Blackburn and further afield to drive to Bromley Cross also needed to be addressed.

He continued: "I believe a particular problem there is that people drive down from Lancashire because once you get to the Greater Manchester boundary ticket prices drop considerably once you get to the first station — which is Bromley Cross.

"They are coming from miles away and obviously there are problems with ticketing schemes and how all those schemes work as well."

Cllr Peel added that the problems highlighted a 'broader issue' around park and ride facilities.

He said: "We spend an awful lot of time nationally and in local government talking encouraging people to use public transport.

"But it seems to me that the park and ride infrastructure needs improving a lot. People drive to stations to leave their car there, but very often find there's not enough room. It's something that needs a lot of attention in the years to come, to increase capacity."