A SPECIAL school music concert didn’t just bring people together — it helped break down barriers between different communities too.

St Peter’s CE Primary in Farnworth celebrated the end of a project which shared the journeys of a refugee, asylum seeker and Roma communities through music, with a poignant but uplifting performance for their family and the Mayor of Bolton. Year Five children took part in the award-winning Harmonise project run by charity Music Action International, which brings the heart rending and inspirational stories of refugees into the classroom.

St Peter’s CE Primary School welcomed in visitors who had been forced to flee their homeland to work with the youngsters, including teaching them songs written by refugees and more about different cultures.

Elaine Williams, deputy head, said: “The concert was emotional because the children knew the meanings behind the songs. When they first heard the songs, they enjoyed singing them and then found out they were written by refugees. We hope the project helps to develop a greater understanding of different cultures and what refugees go through.

“The concert was amazing, the children were so proud of what they had achieved — they really sparkled.”