A TEENAGER has been fined more than £400 after buying a ticket saying he had come from Bolton and not Horwich Parkway to save 50p.

Harvey Casson, aged 19, of Silverstone Street in Chorley, was found guilty in his absence at Bolton Magistrates' Court after he was caught at Manchester Piccadilly on October 21 last year.

Casson had arrived at the station from Horwich Parkway and on arrival in Manchester bought a ticket saying for a journey from Bolton.

Bolton is closer to Manchester Piccadilly than Horwich Parkway so the fare is 50p cheaper.

He was asked how he had passed through the automatic ticket barriers at Bolton without a ticket and then admitted he had come from Horwich Parkway and had not purchased a ticket there.

Casson's details were taken and he was advised the facts would be reported.

A letter requesting an explanation was then sent to him and he gave no response and a fixed penalty notice was issued.

Two telephone calls were made to him in response to calls he had made but the fine remained unpaid and he was summoned to court.

Magistrates fined Casson £440, ordered him to pay the difference in the fare of 50p in compensation, a victim surcharge of £44 and costs of £150.