YOUTHS were caught on camera trying to open a garage door with a crowbar.

They were filmed by a resident taking turns trying to lever open the door in Back Harrowby Street, Farnworth.

Residents say youths have been targeting properties in the area and starting fires inside garages.

The owner of one property, Robert Taylor, has been forced to buy new locks and repair damage to doors, as well as putting anti-vandal paint around upper sections of the building.

The 63-year-old carer says there are continual problems on the road, including two fires in recent months and groups of youths loitering in the area and drinking.

He said: “Everybody is disgusted about what happens in that back street. I have had to spend quite a bit of money for new security measures on my garage.”

Mr Taylor said that he had seen a group lingering on the street on Tuesday, April 3, but had not realised they were causing damage until he was contacted by another resident.

When he went back to the area the youths had cycled away, leaving a number of properties damaged and one open with items strewn on the road.

Greater Manchester Police said the incident was reported but that there are few details available.

However, the event was caught on camera by another resident who filmed the youths from nearby.

There have also been two fires in the area of the garages within the past year, the most recent happening on Wednesday, March 28, after vandals filled an empty garage with rubbish and set it alight.

Fire crews from Bolton Central were called out to the incident after being alerted at around 7pm. They prevented the blaze from spreading from the garage, which is believed to be the same property that had previously been burned.

Residents in the area had reported that a group of youths had forced entry to the garage before starting the fire.

Mr Taylor said recent months have seen an increase in the number of incidents on the street.

The road runs parallel with Harrowby Street, connecting with Beatrice Street and Sutherland Street, near Ellesmere Park.

Firefighters were previously called out on February 24 to deal with a number of fires in wheelie bins around Farnworth Central Park.