LAWYER Ruth Peters is enjoying her new role as the face of the Law Society’s ‘Solicitor. Here to Help’ campaign.

The 36-year-old solicitor, who comes from Bolton, is on board the Law Society’s national campaign, which aims to break down the perception that solicitors are out of reach for some people.

In the coming weeks, TV and online adverts will be aired, and posters will be featured on buses, trams, trains, station platforms and digital screens up and down the country, encouraging people to seek expert legal advice around issues like setting up a business, making a will, and buying a home.

Ruth, a mum-of-two who works for Olliers Solicitors in Manchester, will be one of the people featured on buses and billboards around the North West.

“I have always felt that the public image of solicitors was that we are unapproachable, intimidating, stuffy and scary, so when I was asked if I would like to support the campaign to change that image I was happy to help,” said Ruth.

“Over the years, people have told me they were nervous about getting in touch, or that they felt they would never be able to afford a solicitor. It’s important that we break down that pre-conceived idea.

We are more than happy to chat to people about what we do, costs and what to expect.”

Ruth specialises in motoring offences, regulatory work, and Disclosure and Barring Service representation, but said no matter what the discipline, solicitors were available to everyone.

“We have people coming to us who have tried to deal with issues themselves and who have come up against opposition.

“It takes years for people to qualify as a solicitor and there is a reason for that – because there is so much to learn.

“In this age, people can go to the internet for legal information, but rarely check if what they are being told is correct. By going to a solicitor, you’re getting the best advice and support.

“It could make the difference between getting the outcome you want, or not.”

Ruth encouraged people to ask about charges and payment options. She said most solicitors offered various ways to pay and different packages, such as fixed fees, hourly rates, and monthly charges.

She added: “I’m really happy to be involved in the campaign, but it’s a bit amusing to see myself on the side of a bus. It will be lovely to show my children. They will be desperate to ride on a bus that has a picture of me on it.”

Joe Egan, President of the Law Society, who is also from Bolton, said: “The continued growth of do-it-yourself legal services, which are often unregulated, means members of the public are exposed to non-professional advice, which can be more of a hindrance than a help.

“Our latest campaign aims to break through the pre-conceived ideas that people might have about solicitors.”

The Law Society provides a ‘Find a Solicitor’ service on its website, helping people to search a database of nearly 168,000 legal professionals across England and Wales.

The service is available here: