HAPPY birthday to smiley Angel-May MacDonald who turned 10-years-old on Saturday.

A tenth birthday is a special milestone in any child's life, but for little Angel-May it is even more so.

For the smiley youngster, who is said to bring joy in the lives of her family everyday, was not expected to see her first birthday.

Angel-May was born with the rare condition Dandy Walker Syndrome, and doctors told her family they expected her not to live for very long after she was born by caesarean section.

But yesterday she celebrated the special birthday like any other 10-year-old girl, complete with a cake, balloons and plenty of presents.

Her grandma Emily MacDonald organised a huge party at her house in Little Lever.

She said: "It is just amazing, it was such a special day for her, I can't believe she is 10.

"We never thought when she was born she would have come so far and now she is celebrating her special 10th birthday.

"All her brothers and sisters have been so excited about her birthday party."

Angel-May celebrated her birthday with her family and received money and clothes as presents.

Mrs MacDonald said: "She brings me joy everyday with her bubbly personality. She is a really happy little girl and such a pleasure."

And the youngster, who attends Green Fold School in Farnworth, keeps amazing everyone, despite brain and heart problems and deformities to her limbs.

Last month she was presented with a special prize by the High Sheriff of Manchester for her achievements and progress.

"She is very sociable and loves having children around the house, " said Mrs MacDonald, "She can use her iPad and knows how to work it and look up things. She can say hello. She is doing well at school."

Dandy Walker Syndrome affects on in 30,000 children and caused a brain malformation. Angel-May has been profoundly affected by the condition, with her heart on the right hand side of her chest.

The condition has also left her with no arms and just one finger, no femur in her left leg.

But despite her condition she continues to amaze her family every day.