A FOOTBALL club manager assaulted a hotel boss and his own uncle following a Christmas works do in Ingleton.

Magistrates heard that Tony Bateman, aged 32, became aggressive with Darren Frankland, manager of the Wheatsheaf Hotel in High Street, Skipton, after the fire alarm was set off in the early hours of December 23.

Bateman, of Daisy Street, Bolton, who had drunk ten pints of beer and several glasses of spirits, was in the reception holding an empty bottle when Mr Frankland came downstairs to investigate the alarm.

Melanie Ibbotson, prosecuting, said that as Mr Frankland tried to turn it off, Bateman lunged at him.

Mr Frankland fell backwards, hitting his back and the two men were in a scuffle when Bateman’s uncle, Daniel Bateman tried to calm the situation.

But Miss Ibbotson said Bateman turned on his uncle, biting his finger and the pair of them fell through the door of the ladies toilet.

The landlord and uncle restrained Bateman until police arrived.

The court heard Mr Frankland had a grazed back, Daniel Bateman had a bitten finger and abrasion under an eye, while Tony Bateman woke up in hospital the next day with a damaged ear and broken ribs.

Tony Bateman has a conviction for being drunk and disorderly and has previously served a custodial sentence for violence.

The court heard Bateman, who admitted two counts of assault, has a problem with alcohol.

Andrew Costello, defending, said Bateman worked for his uncle, they had argued earlier in the evening and he had set the alarm off.

He added that the roofer, who manages Sunday league side Bolton Town Football Club, was full of remorse and has not drunk alcohol since.

Mr Costello added that Bateman had ended up with the worst injuries — a damaged ear and broken ribs.

Bateman was sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid work, must participate in 15 days of rehabilitation activities and pay £460 in costs, charges and compensation.