A DECISION is still awaited on who will sit on town hall committees following the election— but Labour has indicated there will be a more inclusive approach to policy making.

Council leader Linda Thomas was expected to announce the membership and chairmen of the panels responsible for areas such as scrutiny and planning on Tuesday.

But it is understood that further complications mean that an official statement will not be made until later today.

But while specific details are yet to be confirmed, the Labour camp has hinted Cllr Thomas will introduce a more democratic way of doing council business.

A Labour spokesman told The Bolton News: “It’s absolutely giving the opposition councillors a greater say in how we go forward. It’s looking at new ways of how we can do that. What we’ve been looking at is how all parties can be involved in the fundamental mechanism of policy making in the borough.”

And he added that the delays were due to a desire to be as inclusive as possible.He continued: “That’s something Linda is very keen to do and that’s what we have been looking at, and that’s what’s taken a lot of time. It’s essentially a new structure and, in essence, beefing up some of the processes and procedures the council already has.”

Labour managed to cling on to control of town hall at the recent local election, but has been left the group with an effective majority of just one.

The number of committee places is dictated by its representation on the council. But Cllr Thomas has the final say on who chairs the various panels.

And despite the reconciliatory tone coming from the Labour camp, it remains to be seen if Cllr Thomas’ vision for the council will be welcomed by opposition groups.

Tory chief Cllr David Greenhalgh recently urged Cllr Thomas to recognise the election outcome by appointing opposition members as scrutiny committee chairs. And it is expected he will not be satisfied if she fails to deliver scrutiny chair positions to his party.