A WARNING has been issued after "invisible wire" was tied from trees in a park and knocked an unsuspecting child from a bike.

Complaints surfaced on social media after the wire in Central Park, Westhoughton, which had been attached to two trees reportedly at about head or neck height, caused the youngster to fall from the bicycle on Monday. He did not suffer any serious injuries.

It had been taken down but yesterday, a team from Westhoughton Community Hub decided to go down and check the park on Wednesday.

They found some more wire that had been attached in a similar fashion and took it down.

Gaynor Ratcliffe, from the hub, said she had seen the posts on Facebook and believes it was a 'prank gone wrong'.

She said: "We saw this situation at the park so we went down to check it and moved this wire.

"We have people cycling and walking through the park and obviously if there's an issue with people tying wire from posts and trees, it can be dangerous.

"We need to monitor it and we are monitoring it quite regularly."

She said the wire that had been removed by the team at the hub had been thrown away.

As well as ensuring that people who use the park are safe, Ms Ratcliffe also wanted to ensure that nobody would be put off using the park as a result of the incident.

She added: "We want to encourage people to use the park and we think that if we know it's going on then we should be proactive.

"We are going to continue monitoring it and hopefully this will whoever is doing this realise that they need to stop."