AN INDEPENDENT film-maker from Chorley will return to the Northwest to shoot a movie in Horwich and Rivington after moving to London to study.

Cameron Lee has revealed plans for his debut production ‘The Future Stone’ which will feature a mix backdrops, ranging from the countryside around Bolton to the far-flung Scottish Isle of Jura.

The film stars Japanese musician Damo Suzuki, former frontman of seminal German rock band Can, and follows a terminally ill man searching for purpose in his last few months.

Mr Lee said he feels a connection to the Northwest of England but had not realised how much he enjoyed the countryside in the region until moving to the capital to study at the University of the Arts.

He added: “I lived in Chorley for the first 19 years of my life and I had always appreciated the North West but when I moved to London I realised just how lovely areas like Rivington and Horwich are.

“I think the North West is underrepresented in film, musically it has produced so much but I wanted to make a film that was actually shot in the region.”

The 21-year-old is looking for support with the movie, which is set to begin production later in the month, with the crew sharing production time between Rivington and Horwich, and the Scottish island.

He explained that the script for the film had been partially inspired by the actions of British electronic band The KLF, a group whose members famously burned £1 million in a disused warehouse on the Inner Hebridean isle as part of an artistic action in 1994.

However, Mr Lee also admitted that plans for the shoot were “ambitious” with limited funding and a relatively young crew.

He said: “It’s really ambitious and I know that, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic. I like challenging myself and I think people really like watching things that have been a challenge to make.”

Mr Lee’s production organisation, Zero Films, is looking to raise around £16,000 to help make the movie a reality and has set up a fundraising page where donators can receive a range of rewards including visits to the set, a thank-you in the films credits or an executive producer listing.

For more information, or to donate to ‘The Future Stone, visit: