YOUNG musicians are hit the right note thanks to the help of the Halle Orchestra.

The Ferns Academy in Farnworth took part in the Hallé Education adopt-a-player programme and performed Wagner’s Die Meistersinger

The youngsters took part in music workshops, enjoyed a concert at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester before giving the performance

The adopt-a-player programme gave the children the opportunity to attend Hallé concerts at The Bridgewater Hall and engage in music education.

Many of the children who took had not attended a classic performance performance before or visited The Bridgewater Hall, described as one of the UK's finest venues.

The Hallé Orchestra ranks among the UK’s top symphonic ensembles and the players are considered the finest in the world, coming from fourteen countries to play and work in Manchester.

The school "adopted" Nicola Clarke, a violinist for the orchestra. She worked with the pupils on rhythm and pace and helping them to rehearse for their performance at the end of the project.

The school has timetabled music lessons from nursery to year six to ensure all pupils are inspired.

Several of the children play musical instruments both in and out of school including the drums, violin, recorder, guitar and piano. Being involved with Hallé education allowed the children to further explore their musical interests.

Principal, Mr Howard, said: "We are delighted to be involved with the Hallé scheme as it gives talented musicians at The Ferns further opportunity to develop their skills and perform in front of their peers and parents.

"The children were mesmerised at the Hallé concert, it was something they had never experienced before. One of the pupils said they expected it to be a bit boring, but after the concert added that ‘it was amazing’."