IF there’s one thing that divides the nation currently it’s ITV’s Love Island.

The surprise hit is a stunningly visual blend of the ultimate sunshine holiday and a cast of beautiful young women and men ostensibly out for Summer romance.

This year, Charlie, Denzel and the rest are looking to hook up with Rosie, Laura and Georgia among other impossibly honed and toned creatures, with ultimate cash prizes for the last man and woman standing.

The traumas occur around rivals stealing partners or individuals being dumped.

Love Island is beloved by 20 to 30 somethings – and 40 to 50 somethings with a good memory – and has a regular three million viewers. A worrying fact is that it attracted more applicants than applied for Oxford and Cambridge combined. So that tells you its generational pull.

Personally, I think it’s lovely looking dross that gives out the dangerous message on relationships to teens and younger that sex is a currency between those who look hot. And that this isn’t a big deal.