A STAINED glass window that is steeped in history has been instated in a position of prominence more than three years after plans to restore it were set in motion.

Radcliffe's old civic window, which depicts the town's coat of arms, has been repositioned at the Church of St Thomas and St John, in Blackburn Street.

A special dedication service is due to take place, and those who have been involved in its restoration are invited to attend.

Carol Cain, vice-chairman of the Parochial Church Council and a church member, said: "This all began in September 2014 when we applied for funding for a glazer who could restore the window.

"He has done a fantastic job. It looks absolutely wonderful.

"It is something of Radcliffe that should never has been treated as it was — it was left lying on the floor.

"We are losing our identity and we should not be. This is part of the town's heritage."

The civic window in question was donated to the town in 1935 by industrialist Walker Allen.

It was gifted to celebrate Radcliffe begin granted borough status, and thereafter housed at the old town hall.

But when the building was decommissioned, the relic had to be removed. It suffered damage and had to be taken to RS Glass Designs, in Bolton, for repair.

It laid in storage at Bury Museum until heritage groups and residents decided to reinstate it.

Faculty planning approval had to be sought from the Manchester diocese leaders to add the window to the church building, and vital funds had to be secured.

Ms Cain said: "Lots of people from Radcliffe paid for it to be put in place.

"We would like to invite all of the people of Radcliffe who have been involved to attend the dedication."

The Bishop of Bolton will dedicate the artefact on June 17, at 7pm.