A PEDESTRIAN has been injured after a collision with a moped in the town centre.

The incident occurred at around 1.15pm at the junction of Great Moor Street and Newport Street.

It is understood that the moped had passed alongside a bus when it collided the pedestrian who had stepped out on a green light.

Eyewitness, assistant director of Bolton Council, Donna Ball, said: "The driver went past the bus and just clipped him. He couldn't have stopped any quicker than he did. It was an awful shock for him.

"The pedestrian fell forward on to the pavement holding his head, he had blood coming from his nose and was unconscious for several minutes.

"It was like a bird hitting a window it just stunned him.

"He was given first aid and we called for an ambulance. A lady came along who was a nurse so it was his lucky day.

"It look as though the injured man had his headphones in and music on."

The injured man eventually became responsive but his body was not moving.

He was given treatment at the scene by passers by and paramedics before being stretchered into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

The collision is the second at the junction in only eight days, after a woman in her 70s was seriously injured when a car reversed into her on June 6.