A WELL-known clothing shop in the Market Place has shut its doors.

Oasis, which had a store on the ground floor of the shopping centre is relocating to Debenhams. The shop name has been removed from above the doors and the store floor stands empty.

A sign on the doors says: “Sorry we’re closed! Opening in Debenhams Thursday 21st June.”

Nationwide there are 80 Oasis stores and 200 branches located in Debenhams and other department stores.

Manager of Market Place shopping centre, Nikki Wilson-Cook said: "Their lease has come to an end and that's why they are moving. The main thing is we're not losing a brand."

She said it was a "great opportunity" and the Market Place was in talks with a number of other brands to replace Oasis.

Oasis and Warehouse Group who did not respond to a request for comment. Yesterday, Debenhams issued a profit warning saying it expected to make £50.3m less than forecast this year.