REFUGEES and asylum seekers living in Breightmet still find it a “welcoming place to live” despite a “disgusting attack” on a woman there earlier this month, a council chief says.

Cllr Akhtar Zaman told a meeting of the full council there had been a “positive response” in the area, which had led to the swift arrest and detention of a suspect.

He was responding to the Conservatives Mudasir Dean, who noted that Breightmet had seen a “significant increase in new international arrivals and community tensions”, and questioned whether the area was still the best place to house refugees and asylum seekers.

But the Cllr Zaman said council officers worked support new arrivals in the area.

He added: “It’s clearly having a positive impact because a number of those people have chosen to remain in the area as they find it a welcoming place.

“We do of course always keep these arrangements under review and continue to work with partners to determine the most appropriate arrangement for Bolton."