POLICE were called to a paranormal night of activities at Ye Olde Man and Scythe.

The lights went off as the ghost hunt hosted by Paranormal Event began at 11.30pm in Bolton’s oldest pub.

Three ghost hunting groups armed with Ouija boards were in good spirits as they went from room to room in darkness, but got a surprise visit from two police officers.

Neighbours at the Churchgate Pub noticed the lights on upstairs at the legendary pub and feared that a burglary was taking place so called the police.

The police officers left the pub laughing when they found out what was going on and left the ghost hunters to get down to business. One of the pub’s managers, Sonya said: “The night finished without any ghosts being arrested, but our guests managed to contact several spirits and felt their presence at the pub. The ghosts were asking, through the ouija board, to speak to somebody called Peter Pat and Ray — most likely some old customers of ours.”

There will be two more ghost hunt events taking place at the Scythe this year, in September and December.