FARNWORTH bus station is set to reopen after four months of upgrades and a £1.9 million revamp.

Work has been completed jointly between Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and Bolton Council alongside roadworks on the junction with King Street and Market Street, which have also been completed.

The first bus is set to leave the new station at 7.55am on Sunday, July 8.

In addition to improved CCTV and cycle parking facilities, the station provides updated bus shelters, seating, street lighting and journey information.

Farnworth councillor's Jean Gillies and Maureen Flitcroft said the new station would be positive for the town, although Cllr Flitcroft questioned the lack of public toilets, a key subject during consultation.

She said: "Any investment in Farnworth is very welcome and hopefully this will relieve some of the congestion. My only disappointment in all this is that the public consultation had public toilets at the top of the list and they have not been installed."

She referred to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham's upcoming town centre improvement plans as another potential chance to construct public toilets.

Cllr Gillies pointed to upcoming plans for new children's services at the childcare centre on King Street to be implemented in September, which will now be more easily accessible by public transport.

She said: "It's going to make life a lot easier for those who are commuting. I'm pleased for people using the new children's services because this will be really good for them and I'm also extremely pleased that TFGM have been able to finish it this month."

The bus station improvements are financed through the Greater Manchester Local Growth Deal as part of the Salford Bolton Network Improvement (SBNI) programme and the work has been completed by Farnworth construction firm George Cox & Sons.

Leader of Bolton Council, Cllr Linda Thomas, added: "This £1.9 million investment in the bus station and public realm will really help to regenerate the whole area. We’re committed to Farnworth and we continue to work with our partners and the local community to make change happen.

"The new bus station provides improved facilities for passengers as well as offering a modern gateway to the town for both residents and visitors.

"Farnworth is a priority for us and it’s included in mayor Andy Burnham’s Town Centre Challenge, which aims to re-energise town centres."

For further information on the new bus station, visit www.tfgm.com/sbni/farnworth-bus-station.