TWO mothers are worried about the road outside their homes after witnessing two car crashes in two days.

Neighbours Nicola Haslam and Charlotte Burrows are worried about their children playing outside and want the council to take action to make the road safer.

Mum-of-three Miss Burrows, aged 30, says she approached the council and was told they would repaint road markings to make the give way junction more obvious but could not install speed bumps.

Miss Burrows, a mother of three who lives in Le Gendre Street said: "There's a lot of kids in this street.

Both drivers from yesterday and today said they can't see the markings to give way.

"They have gone to pull out and the cars have come at them."

Miss Haslam, aged 29, also a mum-of-three, said: "We don't want any of the kids getting caught up in it. I think if it had the speed bumps it would stop it happening and it would stop people driving like idiots and reduce the amount of people crashing."

Miss Burrows rang Bolton Council after the crashes to request the road be made safer, she said: "I rang to request speed bumps, give way signs and markings, they said the marks can be done no problem, but said he'd request give way signs but it wasn't definite and that speed bumps have to be petitioned. People are willing to do the petition to get it done."

The crashes occurred on the corner of Firwood Grove and Le Gendre Street in Tonge Moor on July 2 and 3, Miss Haslam said they both happened at about 3.45pm when children were leaving school.

A council spokesman said: “Road safety is a priority for the council and we will be going out to assess the road and any markings that require repainting will be scheduled in.

“We have not received any requests for additional traffic calming features and this is something we can look into.”