A MAN is convinced that he saw a 'puma' in the field that backs onto his garden.

The sighting on Saturday night lasted around six seconds as the cat made its way from the right to the left-hand side of the field that backs onto Grindsbrook Road in Radcliffe.

Resident Peter Nield spotted the animal as he worked in the back room of his home.

He said: "It was completely black from head to toe with a noticeable tail.

"I can only put it down to being a puma. It was a huge cat.

"The cat was trotting. It moved like a cat on a fast walk.

"It was absolutely amazing seeing it. There was no doubt in my mind what it was.

"If I am right, and I am quite sure I am, then this is a dangerous animal."

Mr Nield, aged 81, said the animal was around 70 to 80 metres away from where he stood.

The cat was spotted at around 10pm on Saturday, July 7, and was in sight for around six seconds.

"Although 81 years of age, my eyesight remains very good and, having seen the animal, I shall certainly be on the alert from now on", Mr Nield said before adding: "Some may question the above but one thing is certain – I do know what I was not seeing."

In July 2016, Radcliffe police were called by a resident who was adamant they had seen a black panther chasing deer in the farmers' fields off Bury New Road, Radcliffe.

Another sighting of a large cat was reported in August 2017, by Claire Parker.

Mrs Parker told The Bolton News that she had see a large, black cat crossing the fields behind her house in Stopes Road, on the Little Lever and Radcliffe border.