NEIGHBOURS living close to the building of a new development are fearing for the safety of children as complaints about the large wagons continue.

People living close to Bowlands Hey in Westhoughton claim their lives are being affected by the construction of 129 homes at the site.

Ray Thornley, who lives in Collingwood Way, has long been raising the issues of the noise the vehicles have been making as well as the parking on the pavements.

The 74-year-old said: "It has got worse over the last few weeks. The cleaning vehicle that comes down the street sounds like a Boeing 747.

"My biggest concern is the children playing in the road or mothers who are walking their prams. The wagons are driving on the pavements and we are not talking little vehicles, they are enormous."

The work has been taking place since Bellway Homes received planning permission on appeal last year.

There was widespread opposition to the plans and Bolton Council refused the application before the decision was overturned by a government planning inspector.

Mr Thornley said: "The wagons are coming up and down the street. I am talking about 20-tonne vehicles. The road is not wide enough for those wagons.

"And they have got a cleaning vehicle that goes at 3mph and is emitting fumes while it is going up, down, up, down the street from between 8am and 6pm.

"This noises they are making is awful and they are just 50 feet from my front door.

"I am 74, my wife has gone and I live alone.

"All I want is a bit of peace and quiet. It is affecting my health."