DURING Ramadan a group of Bolton mosques raised more than £4,500 for Bolton Hospice.

Taiyabah Mosque, Al-Falah Mosque, Masjid Usman and Makki Mosque took part organised by Siraj Patel, a voluntary worker for the local community.

Mr Patel pledged to do all he could to help the hospice with its £4.5 million per year running costs.

Stephanie Lacaille, giving manager at the Chorley New Road hospice says, “We would like to thank Siraj for helping to organise these local mosque collections, as well as the mosques themselves and the local community for collecting such an amazing amount.

"A special thanks also to the masjid committee members who allowed these collection to take place.

"The donations will help local people with life limiting and terminal illnesses to be cared for at the hospice or at home through our Hospice at Home service”.

In total the four mosques raised £4,563 during the holy month of Ramadan.

The donations will help the hospice which cares for around 700 local people each year.