THE sunshine disappeared in Bolton along with England’s hopes of World Cup glory and there was a distinctly downbeat mood in the town centre the morning after that match.

But despite the disappointment and high emotions, those who packed the town’s pubs to view England’s game against Croatia behaved themselves with no major incidents being reported by the police.

A police spokesperson thanked the vast majority of fans for their excellent behaviour.

She said: “Although the score didn’t go our way, fans by-and-large were brilliant and watched the World Cup semi-final between England and Croatia in good spirits.

“We would also like to thank all the officers who worked hard to keep everyone safe.”

Many of those on duty had to give up their own plans of watching the game in order to patrol the streets.

The police spokesman said behaviour was a testament to fans, adding: “You came together, helped look after each other and dealt with the result graciously. Bring on Euro 2020!”

Many firefighters also missed out on the match due to the moorland fires.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said on Wednesday: “Our firefighters will still be working hard tonight keeping the public safe, despite the football.”

On Twitter, Bolton’s Paddy McGuinness wrote that he was “deeply upset” about the result but praised the team for the World Cup campaign they have given us.

He added: “Well done boys, it was great while it lasted.”

Meanwhile, Sara Cox told Radio 2 listeners how she watched the match eating hot dogs with family and friends at her London home but ended up in the bedroom with her son and a cat. Her son needed consoling as he was upset by the result, and the cat needed sanctuary from a visiting French bulldog.

The former Smithills High School pupil and Canon Slade student praised the team’s efforts and made a point of playing some upbeat tunes to help raise deflated spirits.