A FIRE station has released a video showing its crew members' battle against the Winter Hill blaze.

Members of Horwich Fire Station have been tackling the moorland inferno alongside crews from across the UK for the last two weeks.

And during the battle, firefighters have been filming their exploits and a friend of crew manager Jason Martin has helped him to edit the footage together.

As well as showing close-ups of the flames, firefighters wearing gas masks and the water helicopter, there was also a thank you message from the station to members of the community for their donations through the last two weeks.

Mr Martin said: "I just thought this would be a nice way to thank people. We have been sent some great donations. It has been unbelievable."

The crew went back to Winter Hill yesterday to continue the work to tackle the remaining hot spots.

Despite the recent return of the rain, Mr Martin said there was still a lot of work to be done to completely put out the fire.

But he has been encourage by the fact that a lot of the grass has started to grow back in the affected areas.

He said: "It's all because the peat will continue burning for a long time. But hopefully this rain will help.

"We just need to keep on going with it and make sure that it does not spread."

Hundreds of firefighters have fought the blaze since it ignited close to the TV mast on Thursday, June 28.

As well as Lancashire and Manchester, crews have come from as far as London.

They have been helped by charities including Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.