CAMERAS have been installed overlooking a residential area in an effort to stop crime in a back alley that has been plagued by fly-tipping.

Bury Council has fitted new CCTV directed over the alley between terraced houses in Cranbrook Street and Bright Street, off Eton Hill Road, following complaints from residents.

One householder said they have been 'driven mad' by the large quantities of rubbish dumped — a problem which has persisted for more than 10 months.

Signs have been put up in the neighbourhood which read: "This area is under investigation for environmental crime."

Cllr Catherine Preston, who represents Radcliffe East ward, has been working alongside residents and calling for the area to be cleaned up.

She said: "Back in October 2017 we worked with all the residents in Cranbrook Street and Eton Hill Road to carry out a big clean up.

"There were shining cobbles. It stayed that way until last March when it started building up again further along the alley. It had built up quite seriously over the past few months.

"It has been a concerted effort to do a really good clean up at the back. I have been working with the officers to improve the area.

"It is all pristine and perfectly clear and that is how we want it to stay.

"We have now installed the cameras to deter people doing this any more."

Bury Council have worked alongside residents who were struggling to dispose of their waste.

They have also door knocked in the area and said people have been positive about the improvements.

Cllr Preston thanked officers in the waste management department who have assisted in the clean up.

She said: "The CCTV was installed on Friday, July 6, in a big push against the fly-tipping.

"Hopefully it ensures nothing happens again."

One resident, speaking anonymously, said: "Hopefully it stops people form dumping all their rubbish wherever they feel like it."

Anyone with information about environmental incidents should call Bury Council on 0161 253 5353.