FIRE crews were called after a BMW burst into flames on the M61 this lunchtime.

The incident took place at around 12.15pm on the slip road to the northbound carriage way, after a fault in the car's electrical system sparked the fire.

The vehicle suffered extensive damage to its electrics and the cabin was smokelogged.

Rear passenger seats, which were burned in the fire, also had to be taken out by firefighters.

No one was injured in the blaze and the driver managed to pull the car over into the hard shoulder.

All lanes of the motorway remained open while fire crews conducted operations.

Three fire engines were deployed to the scene, however, the driver gave an incorrect address to responders, meaning that only one initially arrived at the right location.

Crew manager Phil Dearden, from Atherton Community Fire Station, said: "This just highlights the importance of giving a correct address for incidents.

"Fortunately it didn't slow us down, but we could have gone another way and totally missed it."