THERE could be a few more people than usual attending the next Bolton West Constituency Labour Party meeting after an invite was accidentally sent out to members across the country.

Social media exploded after an email was sent to about 500,000 Labour members inviting them to next Thursday's gathering at the Brazley Centre in Horwich.

Bolton West CLP was one of the top trending subjects on Twitter and many treated the error with typical light-hearted humour.

One person on Twitter said he would be in Manchester at the time of the meeting and said he would give the sender a "hug and a prezzie for being fantastic".

Jack Phipps, from London, said: "Buzzing for the Bolton West CLP meeting guys I'm bringing snacks."

Bolton West Labour member Paris Hayes said: "You’re all proper welcome to come to our Bolton West CLP meeting."

He also described the sender as a "legend" and said she should run for a campaign co-ordinator role.

But some were also heartbroken and not having received an invite themselves.

One Twitter user said: "I haven't been invited to Bolton West CLP and I feel very left out."

One post said the email was not the fault of the sender but of a new email system that they have no control over.

A new account was then made called @BoltonWestCLP with the bio: "Get ready for the UK’s BIGGEST Constituency Labour Party Meeting on 26th July."