BARRIERS have been installed on a railway bridge to protect the footpaths from further damage.

The structures were erected on the bridge next to Daisy Hill Railway Station in Leigh Road last week.

According to an email sent out by Bolton Council, the barriers have been necessary because of weaknesses in the footpaths due to the age of the bridge.

A council spokesman said: “We will be installing barriers over the bridge to prevent future potential damage to the footpaths.

“The barriers will be located along the kerb line on both sides — the road will remain open as usual.

“A joint assessment with Network Rail identified barriers were necessary due to the age of the bridge.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action.”

There have been concerns raised about the bridge by some ward councillors after the barriers were installed.

Some said the email, which was circulated by Bolton Council officers, said the bridge may need to be closed in the near future.

If so, this would mean the closure of Leigh Road, which is one of the main routes into the Westhoughton area.

The railway station was first opened in 1888 as a junction in the line to Blackrod, which was fully closed in 1965.

Much of the transport hub was modernised in 1975, which included the removal of the toilets, the waiting room and the installation of a bus shelter.

But the bridge and the adjacent station building and ticket office have remained relatively untouched.

Daisy Hill lies on the Atherton line between Manchester and Wigan.