A 10-year-old boy was left with cuts to his face and head after a concrete block was thrown through his window.

Mark Buckley was at his home in Lords Stile Lane, Bromley Cross, when he heard an "almighty bang" and rushed into the living room to see his son, Lewis, had been caught in the forehead by broken glass.

The incident occurred at around 11.20 on Saturday night, after the youngster had been allowed to stay up to watch a film, "as a treat" over the school summer holidays.

CCTV footage shows a person walking towards the house and entering a neighbour's garden before throwing the block through the window and running away into the estate.

Mr Buckley said: "At 11.20 we heard an almighty bang, my wife jumped up and said it was the window. We both rushed down to see what had happened.

"As soon as I got halfway down the stairs you could see glass everywhere. My wife went to help my son and I went to see if I could see anyone.

"We have had to go through my 1-year-old daughter’s toys to try and find glass in there and I am still finding big pieces under the TV hours later.

"We don’t know why this happened, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I can’t work out why this has been done.

"We moved up here recently, thinking Bromley Cross was a nice area to raise our children and it is a beautiful place, but vandalism like this is a massive problem."

The 33-year-old explained that the entire family, including his wife, Donna, and his four children, could have been in the room but he decided at the last minute to have them go to bed.

He said: "Because we have four children and my wife works a lot, we don’t normally have a lot of family time, so what we do is get all the quilts and put them in the front room and we all lay down there and watch Disney films.

"We were going to do it last night but one of our twin boys had gone to bed so I thought we would leave it, but I let our other 10-year-old stay downstairs on his own and watch a film, as a treat."

Lewis had been sat at the opposite end of the room from the window which was broken, and was wearing his glasses, which may have protected his eyes.

The police were called but were not able to attend the incident during the night, citing a lack of evidence about the identity of the vandal and other incidents in the town which were a higher priority.

Mr Buckley said the lack of police presence had been very concerning to him.

He added: "Everyone feels like if anything happens the police are not going to come any more, that’s the state it’s getting to."

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police explained that an officer would call the family within the next few days to get more information about the incident.

He said: "We'll send an officer down, but because of the time of and because there were other threat-to-life incidents that we had to focus on, we could not attend the scene.

"Our local resolution officer will call and get some details about what happened so that we can investigate."