Barb Hackett, who lives near Crompton Way, encouraged the Friends of Moses Gate group to join an organisation she set up two years ago called Bolton Green Umbrella.

The umbrella organisation recognises and supports volunteer and community groups who look after the environment in Bolton through an online directory.

She said: “We want to support what you’re doing. The more people we have together, the more of a voice we have with Bolton Council.”

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Other issues that were raised at the inaugural meeting of Friends of Moses Gate included knotweed in Brentwood Drive and Glenbrook Gardens, the Moses Gate Hotel becoming a car wash and using the derelict Rock Hall building at Moses Gate Country Park.

Introducing the group, Mr Clarke said that Friends of Moses Gate is not a racist group and later expressed a zero tolerance policy for racism.

He said: “If any issue came up, I would stop the meeting.”

Friends of Moses Gate will meet at 7pm on the first Monday of every month at the Railway Hotel.