A YOUNG Radcliffe boy has created his very own version of the classic board game Monopoly — featuring his favourite food outlets and places to go.

Noah King, aged six, fell in love with Monopoly after discovering the game in the cupboard of his family's holiday villa in Crete this summer.

Inspired by what he saw, on the family's return home, the St Mary's R C Primary School pupil set about designing his own Radcliffe and Bury edition.

Noah said: "I absolutely loved making my Radcliffe and Bury board and thought including my favourite places would make it a brilliant game.

"I'm excited for many people to try out my game and hope they enjoy it."

The board's destinations include Armaan Restaurant in Outwood Road, Radcliffe, as well as Jubilee Chinese Takeaway and Jack's Chippy, both based in Ainsworth Road.

Players can also buy and trade Bury Market, Radcliffe Metrolink, and pubs and walks in the two towns.

It also features places that are close to his heart, including Silletts Funeral Services, where his grandfather Philip Dale works, and the dog groomers used by his seven-year-old dog - a Cavachon called Baxter.

The youngster, whose father is a police officer, has also replaced the 'Go To Jail' space with 'Go To Daddy's Work'.

Mother Katie Dale said: "Noah fell in love with the game on a recent holiday in Crete. When he got home he was desperate to create his own version.

"Noah designed and chose all the boards himself and wanted to include his favourite places to eat.

"He chose the streets himself and of course his own street had to be the equivalent of Mayfair.

"He also wanted to include places in Radcliffe that meant a lot to him such as 'Silletts the undertakers' and also Bones and Combs dog groomers, and Karen’s K9 Walks which are important to his pet dog Baxter."

Mrs Dale added: "Noah puts 100 per cent love and imagination into everything he does and it has been lovely seeing him put so much work into this."

A photograph of Noah's board game has been posted on the Spotted: Radcliffe Facebook page, attracting hundreds of comments and likes.

The creator has received requests for a copy of his unique design from as far away as Canada and Australia.