A DOG lost its eye when a cricket ball-sized rock was hurled at its head.

The horrifying incident occurred at around 4pm on Sunday at Park End Farm on the Hulton Park Estate.

Razzle, a six-year-old Jack Russell belonging to farmer, David Hird, lost her left eye in the attack.

Mr Hird said: “I saw a man walking down the lane with a greyhound and a young girl.

“My other dog, a pointer, started barking and then I heard Razzle screaming.”

A friend of Mr Hird witnessed what happened.

“She said this man threw a rock the size of a cricket ball at Razzle. I’ve seen the rock and it was almost as big as Razzle’s head,” explained Mr Hird.

The man who threw the rock dashed back to his silver Mercedes and made off.

Mr Hird said: “The young girl with him was really upset by what she’d seen him do. She was sobbing.”

He added: “Words really do fail me. The fact that he is a dog owner himself makes it worse in a way.”

A distraught Mr Hird took Razzle to Tyldesley Veterinary Centre.

“Her eye was hanging out and they said they couldn’t save it.”

The good news is that Razzle is back to her usual self and does not appear to have been traumatised by her shocking experience.

“She’s a brilliant dog,” said Mr Hird. “People from miles around know her and love her. It’s like she’s famous. She’s got a lovely nature.”

The incident has been reported to the police.