LEADING roles don’t come much bigger than this!

The gigantic star of the Octagon’s next production has arrived in Bolton ­— all eight metres of him ­— to take centre stage in Gulliver’s Travels.

The puppet­— modelled on actor Michael Peavoy, who plays Gulliver ­— was unveiled in Queens Park ready to make its debut in the epic outdoor production.Elizabeth Newman, artistic director at the Octagon Theatre, who is co-directing the play, said: “He’s great, he is exactly what we imagined him to be like. It’s the first time the children have met him. Michael is meeting the puppet on Monday ­— meeting an eight metre version of yourself what more could you ask for. “

She added: “We are incredibly excited about the production because of all these children and the community companies, we are incredibly excited.”

Young stars of the play were left in awe of the marionette ­— which has been created by Hebden Bridge company Handmade Parade ­— when they met it for the first time

Zainab Khalife, aged 10, said: “I think it is a really good puppet, I’m excited about performing in the production at Lilliputian Six with the puppet.

Mairgread Hodgkinson, aged nine, added: “I have appeared in The Railway Children at the Octagon and am excited to performing in this production.”

"We are so pleased with the way the puppet looks.”